A meerkat and a cat from St. Petersburg made friends from the first days of their acquaintance and now they became netizens favourites 

There is an amazing family in St. Petersburg, in which live a meerkat, named Surya and a cat, named Nice. Their owner Ekaterina Kuraeva tells, that animals get on very well with each other and spend 24 hours together. 35 thousand users follow Surya’s and Nice’s lives on Instagram. They are touched, leave kind comments and ask questions about their pets. The couple, on the other hand, don’t leave fans without concept and are constantly doing something new.  

Meet, a cat Nice and a meerkat Surya 

This couple live in St. Petersburg with their owner Ekaterina 

Surya appeared in the family six years ago, when the cat was already two years old 

They immediately made friends and get on well with each other 

The owner opened a page on the Instagram, where she shows the moments of their life 

Pets love very much to kiss and hug each other 


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от Surya Surikat (@meerkat_suren)

And, of course play and go crazy 

The owner says, that Surya is jealous, when she took the cat and stroked  


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Публикация от Surya Surikat (@meerkat_suren)

It seems, that they were made for each other 

Surya and Nice are clear evidence, that completely different animals can get along together and even love each other. We hope, that their owner will often post photos of her pets and delight subscribers with cute videos. 

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