Act of Kindness: Rescued Puppies Find Hope and Love After Being Abandoned in Florida

A lot of time, attention and care is needed to take care for newborn puppies  🐶🥲

In Florida there was a box with three adorable puppies thrown in the middle of the street. A kind man saw the box and rescued them.

After opening the box and finding the sweet puppies the man immediately called Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

And then one of the entity workers took the adorable puppies home and gave them a chance to spend their time happily for the coming weekend.

The officer called the shelter in South Florida where the staff promised to find foster homes for them where they could be loved and cared.

People, who take care for newborn puppies must understand they needed a lot of time, care and attention. They were also very weak and the shelter staff was worried about their needed care.

The adorable puppies were so small, that they didn’t even open their eyes yet.

The founder of the shelter told, that they have tried almost ten bottles before finding their beloved one. They must be fed every two hours.

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