The boy’s extraordinary charity. He considered donating his play to save the homeless dog

Amazing kindness. The boy has a big heart 🐶❤️👦

A homeless poor dog was rescued by a kind boy in Argentina. A young boy named Marco Abeiro considered selling his skateboard to help the homeless dog.

The kind boy couldn’t stand leaving the poor dog alone and considered taking him to his mother. The dog’s front leg was also hurt at that time.

Mauco loved, cared and fed the poor animal. But sadly Mauco’s family didn’t have enough money to pay for the vet bills.

But the kind boy didn’t give up and considered selling his skateboard.

Mauco’s mother told, that he did all of it without intervention. When there was no money for caring for the dog he considered selling his skateboard. He simply donated a play to save the dog’s life.

The little boy wrote the advert about his skateboard on his mother’s Facebook.

The little boy’s kind act became popular on the Internet and animal welfare groups and also doctors helped the recovery process and the boy’s skateboard remained.

Mauco’s mother is proud of her son and also many people wrote comments about his kind and big heart.

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