The puppies thought, that the little volunteer was one of them

An 8 years old girl, that adores caring for animals

Sofia has lived most of her life helping animals together with her mother, who works at a shelter as a technician for animal care. She is always trying to help as many animal as she could and her daughter is always ready to assist in any way, especially with playing the little kittens and puppies.

Sofia is too small to be as a volunteer in her mother’s shelter, but she helps with the foster kittens and puppies. The family provides help to dogs with medical complaints or special needs, and also little catties, that are too small and need to be bottle fed.

Sofia assists with everything from feeding them, reading for them, cuddling with them, and making for them a warm place to sleep.

“Sofia has a special talent with working with animals and it’s amazing. They respond to her and I’m very much proud of her.”

When Rook was going to work and Sofia doesn’t have school, she always goes with her to the shelter to so a little volunteering. She assists to feed all of the dogs and cats, whole her mother prepares medicines and checks up the animals.

“She entered the kennel to feed them and stayed there covered over the puppy love. She fall on the floor and the puppies began to cuddle and love her.”

Sofia didn’t mind, when the puppies jumped over her and licked her. The puppies thought, that she was one of them and she liked to pretend so.

Sofia is only 8 tears old and it seemed she has found her perfect job for life. She will continue to take care of the puppies, and after she gets older she will work here too.

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