«Romeo and Juliet over 50 years later!»: This is how iconic stars playing the main characters have changed since then

Romeo and Juliet from the film adaptation are now 🧐🤔

The film by F. Zeffirelli undoubtedly became a classic that surely entered the history of the cinema world. However surprising it may seem, already 54 years have passed from the release of the legendary movie.

However, Zeffirelli’s decision to choose teenage actors was viewed as a risky one and was even judged by some critics. However, the main aim was to portray the character according to their real age – 17 and 13 years old respectively.

Though they were youthful and inexperienced, the leading characters could portray the roles brilliantly. L. Whiting and O. Hussey won the hearts of the viewers and are still remembered as Romeo and Juliet.

Behind the scenes, they soon became close friends. The film stars have kept the warmth and closeness of their relationship throughout the years and always supported each other.

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