Almost 40% of domestic cats are overweight and something steps are need to be taken urgently!

When a person gains extra pounds, these are his problems, as he or she is an independent person. But pets are a different case! In developed countries, these little creatures live within four walls, eat steadily and get fat, and they simply have nowhere to lose weight. And if the dogs are still taken out for a walk, then there is a trouble with the cats.

It is officially stated that in Great Britain half of the domestic cats are more than well-fed. And by 2019, according to animal advocates, the number of fatty pets on the planet will exceed the number of healthy ones. Specifically, the problem of cats is that dog owners know that they have to take their pets out for a walk, play outdoor games and exercise with them. What about the cats? They  eat, sleep and purr.

Did you know that the weakness and laziness of obesity can cause emotional stress in cats? They are hunters by nature, and if the belly is so big that you can only waddle from side to side, then this is very insulting. Up to the development of neuroses, which is no longer a joke. Therefore according to the experts’ advice the active lifestyle of beloved cats should be encouraged in every possible way.

And what now? Should the owners  run with him or should they buy a wheel for a hamster, just a big one? It sounds funny, but the answer is yes! More precisely, it is possible to put the wheel jus in the case if the cat likes it, otherwise you need to choose the type of entertainment, game that this self-willed creature likes. You can also encourage your pet to climb trees and closets, it’s a great exercise!

Without a humor there is a piece of truth in everything. A person needs to be able to force himself to maintain the rhythm of life if he himself does not want to become overgrown with fat and sores. Dog breeders force themselves to take their pets for walks in the mornings and evenings, because they absolutely need it. And why are cats worse? Let’s take their health and lifestyle seriously.

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