The antagonist of «The Little Mermaid» in youth: McCarthy showed how skinny she was in her young years

«The Little Mermaid» antagonist shared an archive photo where she was young and skinny 🥹🤗

M. McCarthy has always been among those stars in the industry who felt no need in meeting the social expectations and corresponding to beauty standards universally accepted today. She is not embarrassed of her body at all.

Instead, she embraces her natural look and accepts herself the way she is. However, her archive photos taken in her youth have taken everyone away.

In the exclusive archive photo, she stands on the right side, while her sister is on the opposite side. It was, of course, rather different to recognize the popular star as she didn’t have any weight problems then.

«What a sweetie you were then!», «I can hardly believe my eyes. Are these the same people?», «She looked totally different before having weight problems!».

One of her recent brilliant works was in «The Little Mermaid» where she portrayed the main antagonist – chubby Ursula. In real life, she sees nothing bad in being not as skinny as the others openly encouraging others to accept their bodies.

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