Sylvester Stallone Still Has Turtles Since Rocky Times and They Are Already 44 Years Old

Rocky is one of the most famous films in history which made Sylvester Stallone a real star.

If you’ve watched it then you know that this isn’t just a film “about boxing” there was a scene of both drama and romance. In one episode Rocky goes to a pet store to buy food for his two turtles.

The most interesting thing is that during the filming Stallone became so attached to the turtles that he decided to keep them for himself!

And now, more than 40 years later they still live in his house. They are already 44!

Stallone is generally very fond of animals. He also left himself a mastiff named Butkus who starred in “Rocky” and “Rocky 2”.

The actor calls Butkus his best friend, “who always laughed at my jokes, tolerated my mood and loved me as I am.”- tells the actor.

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