Unbreakable Bond: Heartwarming Moment as Devoted Dog Bids Farewell to Beloved Owner

The most emotional photo on the Internet. 🐶🥲

It is true, that animals and people have unique relationships. The dog named Xerxes proves this when he went to his beloved owner’s burial and showed an emotional and unexpected reaction to his owner’s loss.

The man and the dog became so touched after the dog joined the Canine training unit.

The man lost his life in an awful car crash, when he was going to visit his grandparents. And his owner’s coworkers took the dog to his funeral.

And one of the relatives of the man told, that it was a real tragedy for their family and especially it was hard, when his coworkers brought the dog with them.

One of the coworkers of the man told, that it was the last goodbye to the man and his dog must be there. He shared their photos and it became the most emotional picture on the Internet.

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