Rose’s fiancé from «Titanic» today!: The antagonist of the legendary movie has changed beyond recognition

Rose’s fiancé who stole millions of hearts is now with a bald head and a big belly 😳🧐

Believe it or not, already 25 years have passed from the release of the legendary film. The viewers have been wondering how the leading actors and actresses have changed since then.

This cinematic masterpiece was watched and loved by millions.

Here is Rose’s future husband in the film excellently played by B. Zane. Not only the leading actor but also this actor won millions of female hearts then.

People were convinced that he would achieve tremendous success in the industry, yet the man could hardly maintain his popularity. He has always been best remembered for his role in «Titanic».

Having a look at the successful actor now, it becomes really hard to believe that he is the same man as the viewers remembered him to be. He became completely bald and gained weight. He is happily married and doesn’t worry about his appearance.

However, he still captivates thousands of girls and women with his handsomeness and charisma proving to the world that looks are not the most important thing in life.


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