The Kitten Climbed into an Alien Garden and Made Friends With a Domestic Cat

Who knows how it would have ended if it hadn’t been for this acquaintance …

A resident of one of the districts of Montreal (Canada) noticed a stray kitten in her garden a few weeks ago. The kitten was alone.

When the cat of the house became interested in the kitten the little tramp ran right up to her to greet and sniff her. The cat aroused curiosity in the kitten but the people didn’t. As soon as there appeared people around her she immediately turned around and ran away.

Nobody came and asked about the striped lonely girl. In the end, she returned to her old friend who is also a cat in the hope of grabbing at least some food.

After several attempts the owners of the house were finally able to catch the kitten. Now she needed a place to stay in and she also needed people who would be ready to take care of the cutie. One of the local animal rights activist named Nadia began to act after being notified.

First of all, she came to pick up the kitten and transport her to the headquarters of animal rights activists Chatons Orphelins Montréal. The striped girl was starting a new life.

She was about two months old when we met her and we named her Alix.“

Volunteers Sara and Morgan took the little kitten to their home for socialization. At first the cutie was frightened and she huddled into the corner of the carrier.

But her behavior soon changed when she realized that she no longer needed to hide.

Alix the catty realized that people aren’t bad at all.

Now the little girl purrs charmingly all over the room and she is so joyful that she is surrounded by her foster friends.

By the age of three months, Alix had become a contented, affectionate kitty and she is already ready to look for permanent owners for herself.

She was lucky to be taken home from the street. She is so sweet and good-natured creature and she looks forward to meeting her family who will love her from now on and forever,” the rescuers say.

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