«The world is not without good people!»: This is how the starving boy looks and lives years after being saved

The poor Nigerian boy whose life was on the verge looks unrecognizable today 🤗🥹

Here is a bighearted and generous volunteer named Anja Loven who adopted a poor boy from Nigeria six years ago. He was on the verge of starvation since there was no food and water.

She soon found out that the baby boy was heartlessly abandoned by his parents and had no one who could take care of him.

The volunteer couldn’t stay indifferent and determined to adopt the child giving him a second chance to live a better life. She rushed to take him to a shelter in Nigeria organized by her so that they could provide him with everything necessary.

Already in a year he started to look absolutely different. He gained weight and was no longer recognizable. Now, he is absolutely happy and is not angry at his biological parents at all.

Hope is now 10. The netizens are happy that he could be fortunate enough to meet a kind-hearted woman who could radically change his life.

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