«A former macho with grayed hair and big belly»: The way Gere has changed resulted in mixed reactions

The Hollywood actor with whom millions were in love is now a wrinkled grandpa 😳🧐

R. Gere used to be one of the most attractive and desirable Hollywood actors in the 1990s. He was loved not only in the States, but also throughout the world. The hotness and charisma of the «Pretty Woman» star captivated millions of women.

Believe it or not, 30 years have already passed since then and the former heartthrob is not the same anymore. Many age-related changes have already appeared and his face is full of wrinkles. The former Hollywood star’s hair completely went gray.

In movies he always portrayed handsome and attractive men to whom no girl and woman could remain indifferent.

He, anyway, embraces natural aging and doesn’t even try to hide his age-related changes.

Many hardly recognize him claiming that nothing has left of the former womanizer.

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