«What a hottie! As if she never gave birth»: This is what Whiteley’s postpartum body looks like

Huntington-Whiteley showed her postpartum body and left the fans speechless 😍

It was last year that legendary J. Statham and his life partner became parents. They welcomed their second son. Despite the big age difference, the couple is one of the strongest and most harmonious ones today.

During all these years they have never ceased to express their endless love and dedication to each other becoming a role model for other couples. Interestingly enough, after her first childbirth the model didn’t take a maternity leave.

However, she enjoyed her well-deserved «vacation» during the second one and returned only after 10 months.

Her recent photos with her little heir let nobody stay indifferent. She looked stunning and there was no stretch mark and any sign of pregnancy.

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