Iggy Tika Is the Most Glamorous Dog of Our Time

There is a dog named Iggy Tick which lives in Montreal, Canada and works as a real model. Being an Italian greyhound breed, she is slender and graceful by nature, and the owners know how to dress up a pet!

Meet Iggy Tika.

Glamorous diva is its middle name.

Okay, we can also be crazy.

This is Canada, there is snow and there is no way to go out without warm clothes.

Initially, everything started exactly as protection from the cold.

Iggy Tika is from warm Italy, it doesn’t have its own fur.

And due to its increased slimness, there is no protective fat.

So it goes nowhere without good clothes.

But the fact of the matter is that the owners went further.

The dog has its own dressing room with a lot of clothes.

There are things that are very practical.

And there are also some shocking clothes to attract paparazzi.


By the way, Tika is seriously filming for a journal, like a model.

And it gets enough money so that the owners have no shortage of money to buy different clothes for it.


Iggy Tika is already an old lady, it is 9 years old.

Due to her age, she naps 20 hours a day.

Therefore, taking into account the time spent on work, it is the most successful age model in the world!

And these outfits really suit it. It is dressed with a good sense of taste!

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