«Mistaken for a homeless woman!»: The way Depp’s ex-wife has changed let nobody stay indifferent

The fans could hardly believe that this homeless-like woman is the former model 😱🧐

The actor is busy with his personal life and scandalous divorce, while his ex-wife is now deservedly enjoying her vacation in the south of France with her grown-up heir.

The singer, model and actress came with her son and his girlfriend, model C.Jansen. The family vacation was really enjoyable and they appreciated every single minute spent together.

What concerns the young couple, they seem to be crazy in love with each other and don’t even try to hide their feelings for each other on social media.

«How long did we sleep?», «I hardly recognized the iconic model in these photos!», «Years and age have taken their toll!», «She looks like a homeless person! What happened to her?».

Apart from all this, she still remains a beauty who will always delight the fans with her femininity, charisma and professionalism. She is not focused on other people’s opinions.

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