«She is going through a very challenging time»: Gigi Hadid was caught on the street with her child  

Gigi Hadid’s appearance after pregnancy upset her audience 😳🧐

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik had a child three years ago. It seems her arrival completely changed the celebrity’s life, as she appeared in public in an unkempt look.

It’s known that children require much attention and care from their parents, but they should not forget about themselves.

There’s nothing more adorable than being a mother, but those who manage to balance motherhood and career are heroes.

In this case it’s seen that Gigi Hadid has fully devoted herself to raising her child and has forgotten to take care of herself.

The model was dressing like an ordinary housewife which highly disappointed her fans. They expressed their worries in the comments, advising her to pay attention to herself, too.

Some people supported her, saying that the most important thing is family, and her such an unkempt look will last only a short period, then she will return to her previous form again.

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