A saved cat changes her body colour because of vitiligo and now looks absolutely amazing

A beautiful cat, that suffered from vitiligo

Ellie and her sister were found at a local farm in Germany, when they were 4-month-old.


They have a deplorable health state.



Nicole, the woman who found them said that, no one needed them and suffered from ear infections and ticks. They were very poor and she took them home.


The woman decided to adopt the cats, but she found something on their body.



An appropriate care and love did their job and the babies started to recover.


Both of them had a very simple black and white fur.


Ellie was very human loving and friendly from the first moment.



After nine months Nicole understood, that something unusual was happening with her cats and she saw a little streak in Ellie’s black fur.


“She didn’t have white spots on her fur before. I thought it was the down stuck to her and she tried to take it off, but it was her own fur.”


For a few months white spots started to appear on the baby’s fur.



Nicole took the cat to the vet to find out the reason for their change in colour.


Ellie’s coat was changed because of a disease called vitiligo.


Vitiligo happens with people for about 1% and in animals less often.



This pathology doesn’t bother Ellie, vitiligo only had an affect on the appearance and charm of the kitty.


A year has passed and now the baby has mor white spots.


Ellie doesn’t care about her transportations, she just enjoys her life.


Ellie has spent most of her childhood in tuxedo and she hasn’t been recognised.


“She is really amazing and her fur changes every day” says Nicole.


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