«Age is Just a Number»: How a Grandson’s Love and Kindness Helped a 90-Year-Old Woman Fulfill Her Lifelong Dreams

The touching story about the grandmother’s biggest dream 🤗🥰

The story’s hero is a 90 year old woman named Joy Ryan, whose grandson changed her life.

It was always important for Joy to make her family happy and she couldn’t fulfil her own dreams. She had always lived in a small town and couldn’t afford to see the sea. And when her grandson named Brad came to visit her he liked the idea of hiking in the mountains.

Joy was also happy befriending the guy despite her old age.

They had a happy time together and understood that age doesn’t matter when they have the same passion.

Brad also knew the woman would become happy visiting national parks. He took the woman to the 61 national parks in America.

He didn’t have such a lot of money to fulfill it alone, so he wrote the story on the Internet and many kind people considered assisting them.

Joy hasn’t finished visiting national parks and she has already visited half of them. She even plans to try skydiving after her visits.

Joy shows, that dreams can come true at every age. Thanks to kind people and loving relatives everything is possible.

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