A Funny Story of a Cat Who Escaped and Returned with a Note of Debt of Three Mackerels!

Pets will always be an endless source of fun and amusing stories. Last week, this happened to a charming cat from Thailand whose owner is Chang Fuak .Thanks to the efforts of this tailed beast its owner has a debt of three mackerels, despite the fact that Chang himself has not tasted a piece!

The cat ran away on his feline business for three days, and then returned as if it was a usual thing. But there was a disturbing detail.

The striped reveler has escaped before and Chang is not worried about him because the cat is too careful to get into trouble. Although you can’t tell by its appearance that the striped purr has a rare charisma, so no one of the people will offend him.

The cat had a new collar and a cardboard with a note on it! This is something new.

The text of the message said that a cute cat with hungry eyes came to Aunt May’s Pavilion 2 at the market with live fish, for so long by staring at the mackerel on the counter, not trying to beg for the fish, which the merchant’s heart could not stand it. In usual she doesn’t like stray cats, but this one …, the cat got a whole fish. But the creature did not eat it! The owner of the cat, now owes three whole mackerels!

There was also a phone number in the note.

The post received many comments. From “let the cat work it out” to “she could feed it with cheap fish.” Someone made the assumption that this was a joke, just the saleswoman wanted to make sure that the cat returned home safely. Or Auntie May is looking for contact with his master with far-reaching plans? Some even offered to pay for the fish, just to find out the continuation of the story. Chang is now in thoughts.

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