Kevin’s elder brother from «Home Alone» 32 years later!: Here is the actor who played Buzz years later

This is how years have changed Buzz from movie «Home Alone» 🤔🧐

Can you recall the elder brother of Kevin in the popular movie? His character was loved by almost all the viewers. Many have been wondering what the boy who brilliantly portrayed Buzz has changed through the years.

Like M. Culkin, the life and appearance of this actor has never ceased to be the center of attention of the paparazzi. It is worth mentioning that the original movie was released in 1990.

Here is movie star D. Ratray who excellently played the character of Kevin’s brother. This is him more than 30 years later.

Only a few can see some similarities with his character. Many hardly recognized the movie star in the recent photos taken on the red carpet.

After his role in the Christmas movie, he portrayed Dennis the Menace in the comedy. Later in life, he appeared in Alexander Payne’s movie Nebraska.

The man also collaborated with director S. Soderbergh while working on the thriller «Side Effect» and the series «Mosaic». He is best remembered for his role in «Hustlers» and «Matryoshka Life».

He leads a quiet life and only rarely appears at social events.


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