«Pitt, what did you do to this woman?»: Jolie’s unkempt look in wrinkled clothes and greasy hair raised questions

After the recent paparazzi photos, the fans started to worry about the actress again😱😱

It is needless to say that paparazzi never miss the chance capture the world’s most beautiful woman whenever and wherever she appears. The most recent appearance of the «Mr. and Mrs. Smith» star left a lot to be desired. Many believed that she looked unkempt.

She was caught in wrinkled clothes and with dirty hair which raised questions. Her exhausted look made the fans worry about the actress again. It seems as if she lost weight again and is about to get depressed.

Many are convinced that she got tired of countless scandals concerning the divorce from Pitt. All this had a negative impact both on her appearance and health. She seems to live not the best years of her life.

Do you think this may somehow be connected with her ex-husband?

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