The strength of cosmetics. Makeup artist converts a woman who hasn’t looked after herself for a long time

The make-up artist was fond of transforming as well as making people attractive.

Every woman has the desire to be well-groomed as well as attractive. Azerbaijani make-up artist Ayan Shafag made up her mind to give this feeling to those who aspire to it. She does her job professionally because from childhood she was fond of transforming as well as making people attractive.

Not so long ago, Aya had a very good idea. She approaches unfamiliar women and asks if they need beauty treatments. In case their response is positive, she invites them to her workplace, and then the entire wonder occurs. Once she brought a woman who had been rejecting cosmetics for a long time. Aya made up her mind to take before and after makeup shots.

Regardless of the imperfection of the skin, it was probable to put on makeup as well as create something beautiful.

The woman’s skin was dry, so Aya had to use special products in order to conceal the flaw. Nevertheless, it was obvious that the skin had not been looked after for a long time, and after that, it had to be done daily. Initially, she was engaged in sculpture, then she added colors, as it is popular nowadays.

After skin care, the makeup looked even. She underlined the woman’s eyes and the beautiful features of her face. At last, Shafag came up with a hairstyle that should become part of the image. Here, too, she used a number of different balms as well as shampoos because of damaged hair. After all, she dyed them as well.

The client did not recognize herself in the mirror. She cried, and how can you thank, if not?

I hope that after this image, a woman will have the responsibility to look after herself as well as her skin because now she has seen how amazing it can be.

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