A Cute Marriage Proposal with the Help of a Kitten

Kate Woodley and Jared Forsyth didn’t mind that the kitten had already been named Gandalf. No, really – if you take an animal from a shelter, then it doesn’t make any sense to get hung up on such little things. Moreover, in the case that it is such a cutie. It was decided that Kate would pose for journalists and would record a touching video of the animal finding a new family while Jared fills out the boring paperwork. They say that she had no idea that this was a part of a cunning plan.

Jared and Kate have been knowing each other for two years, they actually live together, but they are not in a hurry to legalize their marriage. However, to make life even better, they decided to have a kitten. Jared’s mom helped them, who closely cooperates with all the animal shelters in the area. In fact, the couple was compelled to take  a specific kitten. At that time, Kate had no idea that Jared had come up with all this to …

… make her a marriage proposal! A tag with a sacramental question hung on the kitten’s collar, and when the shelter worker asked Kate to read it to its collar, she understood everything. Well, what happened next, you can enjoy watching yourself.

And what is your opinion of this? Would you like to be surprised this way?


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