«Ideal physique after four children»: Blake Lively’s figure after childbirth delighted all her fans

Can’t take eyes off her!😍🫣Mother of four children Blake appeared in an elegant dress with a deep neckline and left fans speechless😲🤐

Blake Lively has always captivated us with her unique beauty and elegance․ When Blake Lively’s fourth child was born, the actress received recognition for her role in «Gossip Girl» and returned to work. Recent photos taken by paparazzi in New York prove that Blake successfully combines motherhood and career and this shows how she is dedicated to her work․

She wore an elegant brown dress with a deep neckline that perfectly emphasized her figure. She wore her hair in waves and natural makeup enhanced her beauty.
Internet users were delighted when they saw her beautiful figure after pregnancy.

Blake is currently producing an adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s novel «It’ll End With Us». This project is her first work in three years.

In 2012, she married actor Ryan Reynolds and they have four daughters. But they hide the names of the children from the public.

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