«Like two peas in a pod»: Jennifer Lopez’s fans are in awe to see the star’s incredibly beautiful mom

Have you ever see Jennifer’s unique mom?🧐Despite being 76-years-old, she looks absolutely amazing😱Just look how they look like each other!🫣🫢

Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez turns out to be very similar to her mother. Thanks to her genes, Lopez inherited the most beautiful facial features from her mother.

Despite the fact that Jennifer’s mother, Guadalupe, is over 70, she still looks just great. She is a very beautiful and charming woman. Guadalupe is full of energy and positivity․ Jennifer has praised her mother many times during various interviews and has expressed great pride in her mother.

At 76 years old, Guadalupe dances with full energy and leads an active and healthy lifestyle․ She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and, along with all her work, keeps herself in great shape. Her diet is very important to her․ She never uses junk food and drinks a lot of water.

Some Internet users claim that Jennifer uses plastic surgery, but the star has always denied these rumors․ In order to prove to everyone that she was natural, she posted various photos on social networks without makeup, showing her natural look. These photos show that Jennifer always takes care of herself because she always looks young and fresh.

How do you think Jennifer and her mother are similar to each other?

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