«Like two buns!» Here is what Sharon Stone’s grown-up sons look like, whom she hid from public

No one has seen the guys yet!🤔After 9 miscarriages, Sharon Stone finally became a mother👏🏻😍The actress fulfilled her dream and is now the mother of two sons👩‍👦‍👦💙Now Stone has finally decided to show her grown-up sons🙌🏻📷Look at the article to see what they look like👇🏻

Sharon Stone has always dreamed of motherhood. Together with her husband, she tried to have children, but misfortunes followed the actress in a row, and all 9 of her pregnancies ended in miscarriage. As a result, they decided to adopt children. So a son, Roan, appeared in the family. After 6 years of marriage, the couple divorced. The divorce was complicated, and Sharon lost custody of her son.

Sharon Stone fought for the right to communicate with her son, but all her efforts did not yield a positive result. Only when Roan was 18-years-old was he able to independently communicate with his mother. Sharon found happiness by adopting two boys, Laird and Quinn. She devoted herself entirely to their upbringing, striving to create a normal childhood for them. The actress paid attention to ensuring that children could enjoy normal life.

At the moment, Sharon Stone’s sons have already reached the ages of 16 and 18, and want to appear on social networks. The actress shared a family photo with fans, congratulating them on the holidays. The pictures surprised netizens, many of whom noted that despite the lack of a biological connection, the sons look like their mother.

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