The “no-one’s” dog ran to everyone in the yard and wagged its tail. The fact that he had been domestic for some time proved his collar and affectionate disposition

Thereafter, no one could say when and how the dog appeared in the yard. One morning he was just seen near the sandbox. He yawned and looked at the people around him with a very interested look. The fact that this animal was once domestic was proved by a collar on his skinny neck. And the fact that the owners did not give a damn about him was clearly indicated by the very appearance of the dog: tangles and other indicators of not the most comfortable life.

Oksana saw the dog almost the first with her twins. That morning, she went to the playground with the kids, but in the end she decided to change the route. The dog was sitting right next to the sandbox – and it was not clear what was on his mind. It is now that he is good-naturedly wagging his tail, but is still unknown what will happen a second later. Oksana took the children away from the playground, to the neighboring courtyard. The children did not appreciate this decision: they liked both the “native” sand, and the dog, which seemed to be smiling at them.

Closer to noon, the guest was sitting there, near the site. He did not touch anyone, but every time the door opened at the entrance, he stood up and shook his ears.

“There’s a dog in the yard. It can be seen that it is a domestic one, with a dog-collar. Has anybody lost? Owners, respond! “- such a message was sent to the chats of neighbors by Oksana. And for persuasiveness she added a photo of the dog – although it was enough just to look out the window in order to see it.

The neighbors were immediately alarmed. Actually, not on the street, but in a chat room. Someone said that the dog needs to be fed, others disagreed. Still others believed that it was necessary to call the volunteers immediately and demand a shelter for the dog. It even reached insults. But the most important thing did not happen – the owners did not show up.

The dog was sitting in the same place, near the playground, and did not know that he had caused another quarrel in the neighbors’ chat. In fact, even without him, these people would have found a reason to quarrel with each other.

In the evening, someone still decided to put two bowls for the guest: with dry food and with water. The dog spent the night in the same place, and when it started to rain, he hid under the “fungus”.

And the next day the dog disappeared. There were not even disposable plates near the playground. Oksana, who again went out for a walk with the children, sat on a bench and began to look after the baby. At the same time, she was reading  the yard chat, where again someone  was quarrelling with someone for another reason. And for some reasons, she was not calm…

The next time she saw the doggie was a couple of weeks later. And she would hardly  have known that during this time the dog recovered a little, and the fur turned out to be clean. The dog walked proudly near the local drunkard janitor’s Uncle Kostya’s working place. Oksana could not stand it and went up to this couple.

– Yes, half a month ago it was somewhere. I went out to do the cleaning and I noticed that this little animal is sleeping. He saw me, ran up, wagging his tail. Well, here’s a question how to leave him after that! – Uncle Kostya smiled, breathing on Oksana with  the smell of cheap cigarettes and yesterday’s alcohol.

The couple left, and Oksana thought for a long time about why the tenants of the new high-rise building only quarreled on the Internet, and the poor janitor immediately took the dog for himself. And in the end who has a kinder heart …

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