“A Daughter’s Love” Kate Hudson’s Heartwarming Congratulations to Her Mom

✨🎉Join Kate Hudson in congratulating her mom’s special day with heartwarming birthday wishes! 🥳😍Discover the strong bond between mother and daughter as Kate shares sweet memories and receives warm wishes from famous friends. 🥰 Check the article to share the joy of this touching family moment!👇

44-year-old Kate Hudson surely adores her mom, Goldie Hawn! Recently, she shared something special about her mom on the internet. Goldie had her 78th birthday, and Kate wanted to make it super fun.

Kate made a cool video of Goldie for her birthday. It showed funny and sweet moments of them together. In her message, Kate said that her mom is awesome and fun to be around. The video started with Goldie holding a colorful umbrella and also had pictures of them together.

One part of the video showed Goldie dancing and Kate cheering her from the dock. It was hilarious and sweet!

Kate asked everyone to join in by saying one word about Goldie. She also called her mom magnificent because she really thinks her mom is the best.

It’s obvious that Kate Hudson really, really loves her mom, Goldie Hawn. Their unique connection as mother and daughter is super heartwarming. Moreover, Kate’s children also adore their grandmother and call her Gogo.

In addition, underneath the video, many of Kate’s well-known friends left their birthday messages for Goldie. Leslie Mann wished her a happy birthday, while Rachel Zoe said she’s the queen of joy and happiness. Octavia Spencer also sent her birthday wishes.

Kate is Goldie’s second child with her ex-husband. They also have a son named Oliver Hudson. After Goldie and Bill Hudson split up in 1982, Goldie started dating actor Kurt Russell. They’ve been in a relationship since and have a son named Wyatt Russell.

Kate’s birthday message for her mom is so cute.

What do you think of the lovely note she wrote? Share your thoughts in the comments. Feel free to share this with others who love these two awesome ladies!

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