The man was looking for his cat unsuccessfully for a year. They met after 7 years, and you will not hold beck tears

Pets are not just some kind of animals, they become real family members. And when something happens to them, it brings pain no less than if something happened to a person.

Robert from California (USA) in 2012 experienced a drama: his cat Chebon disappeared. As it is known, the man even postponed his move to Ohio in hopes of finding him.

The man from California postponed his move to find his lost cat

I remember how one day I prayed and said: “God, I will do everything, just give me Chebon back”.

But time passed, and the search didn’t bring success. After a year of unsuccessful attempts, Robert gave up. Here this story could have ended on a hysterical note, but that was not the case.

In 2019 a kind woman found a stray cat and took it to the vet

The cat was dehydrated and battered by the street life, but surprisingly healthy. The cat has a microchip, and when it was scanned, it turned out that the cat was 19 years old, and the name of Robert also appeared. It was Chebon!

Due to microchip, vets contacted Robert

Robert was worried, that there was some mistake. As soon as he could, he went to the shelter, where the cat was.

Robert was brought into the room, and as soon as the box with the cat was opened, tears appeared in his eyes

It seems, that there wasn’t 7 years of separation

The cat put its paws on the shoulders of the man, and then he couldn’t restrain himself

All those present also couldn’t help crying

Now Chebon is finally at home after 7 years of wondering, he will spent his old age in warmth and comfort together with his old human friend. Miracles happen!

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