Behind the scenes: Fantastic archive photos of the legendary film “Titanic”

Here are some archive photos of the legendary film “Titanic”

This famous movie can be regarded to be a legend. It was given 11 Oscars and, of course, the endless love of people from all over the world. It is utterly impossible to watch the film without crying, no matter you watch it for the first or the fifth time.

It is always interesting and exciting to witness what actually happened behind the scenes during the filming. Here are some archive photos of the legendary film.

The filming took place in 1990s and at that time there weren’t various computer graphics or special effects yet.

Cameron is the director who sometimes gets into the frame of the work. It is mostly because he controls the work and every movement of the actors starring in the movie. And, we can say, that he is a real perfectionist.

In order that the actors performed their roles realistically, the water was icy and then, after the filming, they all rushed to warm themselves in hot pools.

Though the legendary film is quite dramatic and tragic, there was always a friendly and warm atmosphere behind the scenes.

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