“Diamonds, Dinners for 50,000, and Star-Studded Spectacles”: Inside India’s $113 Million Wedding Extravaganza of the Century

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The marriage of Ananta Ambani and Radhika Merchant, children of wealthy families, has been eagerly awaited. After dating for a long time, Ananta and Radhika recently got engaged, which didn’t surprise anyone. Their parents celebrated their engagement with a grand party that amazed everyone with its extravagance.

The Ambani family has a huge business empire that includes oil, gas, retail, telecommunications, and entertainment. Anant’s father, Mukesh Ambani, is the richest man in Asia, and Anant is also very wealthy, ranked 36th on Forbes’ list. The engagement party was more luxurious than anyone could have imagined, setting a new standard for opulence.

Radhika Merchant also comes from a wealthy background. Her father runs a successful pharmaceutical company, and she plays an important role on the company’s board. She graduated from a prestigious New York school, and her charm and intelligence make her one of India’s most desirable bachelorettes, making Anant very lucky to marry her.

The celebrations in Jamnagar were extraordinary, with many high-profile guests arriving in private jets. Each guest had their own makeup artist and stylist, and the event schedule was over nine pages long. Before the party started, guests enjoyed a tour of a local zoo with rare animals and visited other famous Indian landmarks.

This lavish engagement party is just a taste of the actual wedding, planned for early summer, but the festivities were unmatched. Radhika wore several beautiful outfits during the event, with a particularly stunning traditional dress adorned with many jewels that wowed everyone.

There were over 200 different food options for the guests. In a generous gesture, the couple hosted a charity dinner for the townspeople, letting them enjoy the gourmet food from the celebration.

The highlight of the entertainment was a performance by global music star Rihanna, who not only sang for the guests but also danced with them, creating unforgettable moments. Famous people like Hillary Clinton, Ivanka Trump and her family, and Mark Zuckerberg has reveled in the joyous occasion.

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