Selena Gomez’s Blonde Transformation: Stunning New Look or Better Before? See Fan Reactions

“She was more beautiful before!” 😳🫣Check out Selena’s new blonde hair and see what fans are saying! 🤔😮 Some fans love it, others not so much 💔 Many think that she is channeling Marilyn Monroe 🫢🧐 Is it a hit or miss? See the shocking transformation in the article below! 👇

Selena Gomez, 29, recently took to social media to unveil her striking new blonde hairstyle, leaving fans buzzing with mixed emotions.

Many followers voiced their disappointment, believing that Selena’s natural hair color suited her better and that the blonde look made her appear older.

On the other hand, some fans praised her daring change, likening her to classic beauties like Marilyn Monroe and admiring her stunning appearance and versatility.

Regardless of opinions, Selena’s bold new hairstyle has certainly stirred up a lot of conversation among her followers.

What’s you thoughts?

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