The huge lion jumped into the safari car to greet the tourists. So amazing!  

The tourists were excited by the unexpected visit of the lion.

A group of tourists were in popular Taigan Safari Park in Vilnohirsk, Crimea, when a strange case took place. A huge lion immediately climbed into their car and began to hug all of them. Although the people were in shock, they were attracted by the wild animal’s kindness.

The amazing scene was caught by camera and it became the viewers’ favourite.

Surely, it is the animal lovers’ dream, but for the tourists it was a bit extraordinary. But they were satisfied by the cutie’s action. Some of them hugged the big animal, others only caressed him. The loving animal didn’t harm anyone: he carefully approached everyone and hugged them showing his love and kindness in that way.

After jumping off the vehicle he understood that it wasn’t enough for him, so he climbed into it again to continue his work. The tourists got a lot of kisses and hugs by Filya, which is the cutie’s name. He stayed there until all the people got off. It seemed the crazy animal was pleased by himself.

One of the tourists couldn’t hide her emotions saying that the huge wander really gave them a lot of love and happiness.

Later, it turned out that it is the lion’s lovely occupation. He likes to communicate with humans in this way. Climbing into the safari cars and greeting the tourists are his favourite habits.

You can enjoy the video of this amazing scene!

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