“She lied, promising to take me out for a walk, but she brought me to the vet!” The dog looked reproachfully at the deceiving owner

Somewhere deep in Irisk, an actress of large and small theaters was dozing. Of the most ordinary and everyday things, the little dog staged real mini-performances. For example, if the owner Lena forgot to add the food in the bowl in time, Iriska created an offended face and almost imitated fainting. Before the walk, the dog would snort contemptuously if Lena took too long to get ready or combed her hair. Iriska was more than okay with emotions.

The top of Iriska’s theatrical skill was going to the veterinarian, which turned into a real show. Already in line, the dog squinted, huddled up to the owner, and when she realized that a meeting with the doctor was inevitable, she was mumbling. Even with a simple examination, Iriska simulated extreme pain. And during the injections she got confused every second: she began to screech before she was injected, then she forgot to react directly during the process.

“It doesn’t hurt at all, does it? You just want to be pitied, right? – the doctor smiled.

Iriska complained to the owner – but as soon as she saw the delicious things, she immediately forgot that she needed to pretend to be offended.

Bringing Iriska to the vet clinic has always been a big problem. The dog did not really know the commands, but she remembered the word “veterinarian” firmly and, upon hearing, immediately switched on the capricious mode. And then she even climbed into her “fortress of loneliness”, that is, under the sofa. There was no way to get it out of there.

In general, when the time for another habit came, Lena decided on a tactical move. Well, at least she considered so. If you ask Iriska, she would call it a heinous deception and a scam.

– Irisochka, let’s go for a walk! – Lena laughed out loud – and in a second the little paws were already near the door. The dog also knew the word “walk” very well.

Iriska was not embarrassed by the fact that the time for the walk was non-standard, nor by the fact that the owner  took a different route. The vet clinic was only two blocks away, but before Iriska always went there by car. Therefore, this time she cheerfully followed Lena and did not imagine anything strange.

So stronger was Iriska’s amazement when they entered the familiar hall. The dog looked around, then turned his eyes to the owner, as if condemning her for deception.

On that day, Iriska was so offended by Lena that she even forgot to imitate the unearthly pain during the vaccination. Of course, she swallowed the yummy, but in every possible way made her understand that the conflict was not solved in this way.

Even at home, Iriska defiantly ignored the owner, although she usually followed after Lena. It became clear that the dog feels betrayed.

Before going to bed, Lena even cried a little – she was so ashamed of her deception.

– Irisochka, forgive me. I decided that this way you would worry less. But I will never lie to you again. Do you understand me ? – Lena said sadly.

Iriska, who had already settled down on her couch and yawned, listened attentively to the owner. And then she got up, walked over to the bed and jumped cautiously. Usually, in such cases, she was sent back to the couch – but not today …

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