The woman spends the last days with her dying pet

There are undoubtedly innumerable advantages of keeping a pet such as genuine love, faithful companionship and endless support. Apart from all this, there come many responsibilities of being an owner of a dog. Before adopting a pet, you must be sure you will provide it with sufficient proportion of food, all the necessary facilities and secure shelter, as well as regular walks and sincere love. But there are also cases when the dog owners face difficulties and serious decisions are up to them, one of which is to decide whether to let them continue living or not because they see how their pets are in pain suffering from incurable and severe diseases. When the owners finally determine to let their dogs pass away, they appear in a very difficult psychological state as they perceive they will be left without their faithful pets that always used to accompany and befriend them.

This owner desires to fill her dog’s final days with great love and tenderness.

Her pet severely obviously struggled with senility that didn’t let him enjoy even daily activities. The owners realized there is no choice and she could do nothing but let her go.

The owner confesses it is extremely hard to let her pet go and assures the dog will eventually forgive her when in heaven.

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