«Ridiculous in the movie, but attractive in real life». The funny character Pepper is a pretty woman in real life  

Can’t believe it’s the same person 😱😍

Everyone knows Pepper from the famous movie, who has become the favorite character of the viewers. Do you know who played it? Naomi Grossman is the woman who managed to create such an unforgettable image.

In real life she is quite a stunning woman with pleasant manners. Besides being a talented actress, she can attract everyone even without makeup.

Look at her photos and try to make comparisons between her real appearance and her movie character. You can’t, because she looks completely different in real life. However, she managed to create a funny character, which gave her much success.

Fans expressed their admiration for her pleasant appearance, saying that besides being a wonderful actress, she is a beautiful woman as well.

What do you think about her appearance? Is she beautiful or not? Write your opinion in the comments.

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