How the owners of the Baron live – the largest mastiff in Australia, which is still growing

The petty named Baron is really small, in the sense that he is two years old and he will still grow. For example, up to its official title of the largest dog of the breed of one large and proud country.  Formally, he already deserved it, but this bureaucracy …

What kind of dog is this Baron?  130 kg of puppy stupidity and two meters from nose to tail of teenage recklessness.  How will you react if such a whopper is trying to perch on your knees.  And try to refuse the Baron. According to his size it is supposed to have excellent food, it costs the owners at least $ 200 a week!  The mastiff eats two full-weight steaks with blood a day.

Baron is larger than many of the pumped up powerlifters, even though he has four legs.  But because there simply do not exist dog rugs for his huge body and they had to be replaced with a mattress from double bed. Everything for this one little doggy.  All the aisles in the house and in the yard are widened to fit its dimensions, and Baron also loves to play, as is characteristic  overgrown puppies!

The most amazing thing about this dog is its upbringing.  Either the owners decided to be on the safe side or it’s about genes that he is so well- mannered.  There are some interesting things about the pet. For example he can inadvertently break down the door if the owners were in no hurry to leave or overturn a couple of benches in the park, an attempt to catch up and lick a familiar pony or to step on someone’s foot.  But here’s the flip side: the compassionate Baron officially works as a therapy dog ​​in nursing homes.

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