Kitten Jessie chose a completely wrong place for playing and paid for it

The flexibility of a feline body has been praized for centuries.  It also allows cats to squeeze into places where other animals won’t be able to, but who said it would be easy to get out?  The cat named Jessie  realized the depth  when his beloved owners could not get him out of the wheel.

Jessie is 4 months old, this cat is a very playing cat and is really full of energy.  She was  playing in the garage and she decided to check the  wheels and put her head in the hole of the wheel.  The little kitten fell into a trap, from which she could not get out neither by herself nor with the help of her owners.  The wheel is worth not little  amount of money, so instead of trying to do something on their own they decided to give a chance to veterinarians .  And the only thing that Jessie could do was just to wait and endure.

That was not so bad work for the doctors , they easily freed the kitten from the trap.  What is a tragedy for the others is normal for them and also a reason for an article about socialization and self-promotion for social networks.  Physically, the cat has not suffered, but what concerns the mental balance, there will be a lesson.

However, experts think that, judging by the nature of Jessie, tomorrow he may repeat or even aggravate his “feat”.

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