«Nobody expected this from the bride»: Jackie Goncher was able to walk with her own feet and surprised the guests

The doctors did not give predictions, but she did everything to get back on her feet.🙌🙌🙌

We know well that all girls dream and imagine their wedding. They think about how they will introduce themselves during this ceremony, and everyone present will admire. But unfortunately, a girl named Jackie Goncher at the age of 25 could not do this.


It turns out that the girl was an experienced athlete, but at the age of 17 she could not continue her career due to a serious injury. She moved with the help of a wheelchair. Despite hopeless promises from doctors, Jackie continued to struggle to walk again.

The doctors were shocked when they found out that she finally managed to get up from her chair one day! This moment was decisive in her life.

As she prepared for her wedding, she decided that she would do her best to walk on her own feet. She trained and practiced all the time to achieve the desired result.

All the guests were surprised when they saw that the bride, who was brought in in a wheelchair, was suddenly able to stand up.

The groom knew what would happen during the wedding. But when he saw that moment, even he couldn’t hold back his tears.

Most of all, the guests admired the beautiful dance of the newlyweds. The guests were crying.

Jackie is already confident that she will definitely be able to walk again. She will achieve excellent results thanks to her purposefulness.

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