What Will a Real German Dog Do if it Gets Lost?

You can talk about the intellectual abilities of pets as long as you wish , but in fact, everything is determined by actions.  Police officers from the Saxony-Anhalt region in Germany were surprised by the two unexpected visitors.  However, order is an order and if everyone does this, many problems will not be caused .

On that day, in the beginning of March, the police patrol had a lot of work from the very morning. Rubbish was piled right on one of the highways and the traffic slowed down.  There was no one to look after the police car while they were clearing the rubble, regulating the traffic and doing other routine.  And in vain, because when the officers approached to their car, it was occupied by two arrogant and contented dogs.  Staffordshire terriers one of them was white and the other one was spotted.

Before reaching to a service weapon or calling for help, the officers decided to check the dogs for civil conscience.  And what they found out was a  miracle. They obediently vacated the driver’s seat.  The dogs did not look aggressive at all, on the contrary, they looked calmly into the eyes of the policemen and waited for the police to help them.  Maybe they got lost and being well-mannered turned to the law enforcement officers on their own.

Of course, they were helped. They were taken to the nearest shelter, where the veterinarian discovered the microchips and identified the owner using them.  It turned out that the owner was a resident of a neighboring region, who was searching for his pets.  As he said the animals have always been distinguished by their good manners, so he is not surprised that they thought of contacting the police.

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