The employees hid the dog Balbes from the chief. But he ran out to the director himself during the next inspection – and conquered immediately

The branch of the advertising company was located in a very unpresentable area. That was a half-abandoned industrial area, and it was not even clear who owned garages. Dense bushes surrounded a two-story building that has stood here since the time of Tsar Gorox.

But if the client went inside, he immediately saw a completely different view. The renovation seemed, if not luxurious, then quite solid. This was the merit of the director Anatoly Vasilyevich. He could save on renting premises, but not on the comfort of employees.

Anatoly Vasilievich was a legendary person. He owned a whole network of such offices, lived in another city, and did not come here very often. But after each such inspection, the workers had something to talk about.

For example, once Anatoly Vasilyevich almost fired a manager who decided to flatter the boss. And there was another situation when he wrote out a huge bonus to an employee, having learned that she was left without a husband with a small child. The employees were a little afraid of their boss but they also respect him very much.

The real feature of the advertising agency was the straying dog Balbes. Having settled down near a two-story building, Balbes began by scaring away other dogs from this territory – the dimensions allowed him to do so. The staff breathed a sigh of relief. Previously, roving dogs made people fearful, but now there is only Balbes here, who has never shown aggression towards people. For such merits, the dog began to be fed – and he decided to “settle” here.

“maybe I am a booby, but I know perfectly well that there is nothing to run away from where you are fed and stroked,” – Maybe Balbes thought this way.

He chose an empty barn near a two-story building as his refuge. However, he only slept there and spent most of the day hanging around the doorstep.

They hid Balbes from Anatoly Vasilyevich in the same barn: it is not known how the boss would react to such an “employee”! It worked two times: Balbes seemed to understand when they took him to the shed and drove his finger in front of his nose, forbidding him to leave the shelter.

But for the third time, this scheme failed. Balbes was especially active that morning, spinning around the doorstep, playing with each of the employees. In a word, he was in the mood to play pranks.

But Anatoly Vasilyevich was in  a completely opposite mood. While he was driving on a business trip, someone who did not have the right to have  the driving license tore off his side mirror. It seems to be a little thing, but the sediment remained.

Anatoly Vasilyevich walked to the office and frowned. And then a huge woolly creature flew past him near the doorstep! Balbes run three circles around the man, and then fell on his back, sticking out his tummy and inviting the boss to scratch him.

The managers immediately jumped out and found a very interesting picture. Anatoly Vasilyevich was playing with Balbes and scratching his belly. The dog wagged its tail and seemed to be smiling.

– And this is Balbes, he is in our protection, – one of the managers decided to say the truth.

Anatoly Vasilyevich left after a couple of hours. His last order was to put Balbes on allowance and buy him a dog-collar …

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