The Rarest Four-eared Mutant Cat has finally Found Owners and a Home for Himself

His name is Batman and one glance at this unusual black muzzle is enough to understand why.  And if we look from the other side we will discover an amazing fact – this cat has two pairs of ears!   If this creature would have been born in the Middle Ages, sorcerers and witches would have lined up for the right to possess such a pet.  In our times, everything is much more prosaic – the unique cat was left without a home and appeared in  the pet shelter.

 Hello.  It’s me… Batman!

How many generations of my father and mothers carried this strange recessive gene until they met and it showed up?  I don’t know, but I’m the only one in my family … and maybe generally the only one on the planet.

They say that back in 1936, a cat with four ears was documented.  And that’s it!  This is such a rare mutation that people have no idea how to relate to it.  But veterinarians say I am a healthy, normal 3-year-old cat.

A small note from the editors: although it is not the Middle Ages now, the statistics of American animal shelters show that the chances of finding a new family for black cats are noticeably less than for any spotted and red ones.  A completely black mutant cat involuntarily awakens superstition in people.  When the public became aware of Batman, all sorts of strange personalities immediately flocked to the orphanage, many of whom did not hide their not very good intentions regarding the “beast with four ears.”  So the staff of the shelter had to try to filter out the crowd in search of a suitable owner for Batman.

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