The tractor driver stretched tiredly after work – and felt that someone was rubbing against his legs. He was already driving home with a cat

Who said that a tractor driver is a profession for not the most successful people who are often addicted to alcohol? Igor would not agree with this. The thirty-year-old man had a higher education, in the winter he often went out with his wife to the theaters, and drank very seldom, only on holidays. And yes – he was a real tractor driver.

And even if after a long day of work he did not smell of violets. Even if  the healthy young man, sometimes got tired which could reach dark circles in front of  his eyes. Igor would definitely not have exchanged this job for an office seat under an air conditioner and shifting papers from one place to another (by the way the man had such an experience).

And now, at the end of another working day, Igor got out of the tractor and slowly stretching his tired back. He planned to spend the night right there in a small wooden house which was located nearby. An old sagging couch, a Soviet refrigerator that made no worse noise than a tractor, and a summer shower, in which water warmed up during one whole day – these three things were supposed to ensure a wonderful evening. And in a couple of days, you can go home, to your wife and the kids who managed to miss their father, for whom the hot period of work has started.

“I should look for a present for them. But where can I  buy it here? Maybe I can  pick some strawberries, ” the man reflected.

These thoughts warmed Igor, and he involuntarily smiled. Around this time, he felt someone rubbing against his leg. The red-haired teenage cat, who had come from somewhere that is not known to anyone  in the middle of the field, showed a keen interest in Igor.

– How did you get here, little sick creature? Be careful, do not get under the tractor! – Igor shook his head.

The cat took this not as a warning, but rather as an invitation. He immediately dug his claws into the tights and a little into the man’s leg – and got up on his hands. The readhead cat, of course, did not want to fall under the tractor, but into the tractor – with great enthusiasm.

We rode together for the stay during the night. The cat looked around the cabin with disapproval – it seemed like, he did not like the smell of the car. But he quite liked Igor with his bass voice and beard.

The can of canned food was divided equally between them. And the cat got so used to the surrounding that jumped on the couch, perched on Igor and began to purr.

“Well, the issue with the gift for the kids has been resolved. I will call it a tractor – it’s how it purrs ”, – Igor smiled, lulled by the purr …

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