A Unique Puppy With 6 Legs and 2 Tails Was Born in the USA! And This Little Cutie Managed to Surprise Even the Veterinarians

There are a lot of connoisseurs of non-standard beauty currently. Any features that once might have been embarrassing now turn into great value. And how good it is that the same trend has continued in the relationship of some owners with their pets!

In the US state of Oklahoma, an unusual puppy was born, which managed to surprise even veterinarians, because the baby has not 4, but 6 legs and 2 tails at once!

This wonderful puppy is a cute girl who was given the nickname Skipper.

Skipper is a cross between an Australian border collie. The girl was born in a veterinary clinic in Oklahoma City where the doctors rushed to find out more about the cutie’s health.

After examining Skipper the puppy the veterinarians found that the baby had two pelvic areas, a pair of urinary tract and two reproductive systems. Doctors suggested that Skipper wasn’t to be born alone but with his little sister, however, for some unknown reasons, the two fetuses didn’t separate in the womb.

It is very likely that Skipper will need some physical therapy in the future but the baby is feeling great now. She eats well and develops rapidly!

This is what Skipper’s X-ray looks like.

After making sure that nothing threatened the baby’s health the veterinarians let Skipper go home where the loving owners took care of her. According to them the girl is growing up as a very active creature. All the 6 legs of the girl work properly which means that it isn’t so easy to keep up with her!

The enterprising owners have already organized a fundraiser for Skipper to help to cover the costs of the veterinary clinic and any treatment that she might need. And of course lots of people fell in love with this unique baby so much that they are ready to help her in every way!

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