A Wolf Named Yuki was Supposed To Be Put to Sleep 7 Years Ago, but It Was Rescued and Turned into a Real Handsome Man

The photo, which shows a girl next to a decent-sized wolf, attracted a lot of attention.

Some people began to doubt whether this was a real photo or a montage. After all, the size of the beast is very impressive. Let’s start with the fact that both the wolf and the girl in the photo are  real. The wolf’s name is Yuki. He lives in Shy Wolf Sanctuary. This is an orphanage in America.

Seven years ago, in 2012, its owners abandoned the wolf. So he appeared himself in a shelter where animals are kept. But since Yuki is still a wild beast, , they decided not to leave him in the shelter, but to put him to sleep. But then employees of the special shelter of Florida intervened in the situation. They took the wolf and took up his upbringing.

They reasoned this way. The wolf originally grew up and was brought up by the previous owners as a domestic animal. And then they took him to the orphanage. And there they decided to take Yuki’s life by lulling him to sleep. But for what?

In a word, the wolf was saved. He began to live with other wild animals. He was just huge. But he was kind and not aggressive. His only sin is to take away clothes from visitors, because it likes to play with them. Luckily he returns the clothes not torn when he gets bored with such an occupation.

Taking care of the wolf, the staff of the shelter found a bride for Yuki, whose name was Bella. However, the animals often quarreled for food.

Seven years have passed since Yuki lives in an orphanage among people. He feels good here. All the giants love the wolf and take care of him as much as possible.

Nowadays  it has become fashionable to take a wild animal into the house and raise it as a pet. But thanks to the fact that there are specialized shelters, these wild, but partially domesticated animals can avoid premature death and of course live in peace. Yuki’s story proves this convincingly.

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