The owner came home smelling of a fire – and the dog huddled in fear under the bathroom. He thought that the apartment was on fire

Ruslan’s barbeque was so  that you would just lick your fingers. Maybe it was his Caucasian roots, or maybe culinary skills. Friends and colleagues knew: if there are meetings with a barbecue, then Ruslan should be invited first.

Frankly speaking , over the past year the guy hasn’t had as much practice as usual. He worked remotely, and he visited his friends at the country houses much less often than before.

In order not to stay completely alone within four walls, Ruslan bought a puppy, which he called Shashlik, not with irony. Along with Shashlik, Ruslan’s life became more wonderful , daily walks and a lot of admiration.

In the process of bringing up the puppy Ruslan discovered one interesting thing in the character of Shashlik. The dog had no fear at all. On a walk, he could easily walk towards the furious fighting dog, happily wagging his tail. It is a good thing that the dog was small, and Ruslan easily kept him at a reverental distance from dangerous dogs.

Having nagged (for example, chewing on his boots), Shashlik looked happily at the owner and still wagged his tail, even when Ruslan raised his voice at him.

– Someday your fearlessness will play a cruel joke on you, – Ruslan warned the puppy. But he only looked at the owner with loving eyes.

The doggie’s only fear became known by accident. Ruslan was invited to spend the day off at the country house. Of course, he chose the meat in advance, marinated it according to his own recipe. On the appointed day, he put on his oldest jacket – after all, he had to stand over the barbecue!

Shashlik was not taken to the country yard because of his early childhood. However, he was used to spending the whole day alone in the apartment, so he was hardly upset. Although the owner waited impatiently- and rushed to the door as soon as the keys jingled.

Shashlik jumped near the owner – but then the joy on his face was replaced by fear. He smelled smoke and thought there was a fire somewhere. Only this can explain the behavior of the dog: he immediately ran to the bathroom and hid in the far corner.

Ruslan did not immediately understand what frightened Shashlik. But he did everything right: he sent his clothes to the balcony which were smelling of smoke to be ventilated, and he immediately took a shower. By this time, the frightened puppy appeared from under the bathroom. Ruslan saw the puppy so frightened for the first time. He  even had to take him in his arms, although in fact the guy did not like such manifestations of tenderness.

Only in the evening Shashlik finally came to  sense. But he looked towards the balcony with an alarm – there was still a  smell of a fire coming from things.

– That’s really unexpected, – Ruslan scratched his head. – Although this has its own benefits. With such a dog, no fire is terrible: he will immediately warn me.

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