15 Cases When Pet Owners Caught Their Pets Red-handed

Everyone who has a pet in the house is forced to get used to a torn furniture, broken things with traces of teeth or bones and to other important damaged objects over the time.

But at the same time, our love for pets is so great that it is impossible to be angry with them. What is left for us to do in this cases is to get our cameras out and turn these moments into fun memories.

Oops! I was just passing by it …

I hope the hostess won’t notice anything.

You are not like yourself when you’re hungry!

But it was so much fun …

It is better for the dog not to climb out of the pillow …

Close the door!

The guilty face betrays the one who made this mess.

Let’s go for a walk!

I just couldn’t find some interesting reading material for the evening.

He has clearly done something strange.

Cats, unlike dogs, do not even regret of what they did.

This furry company clearly knows how to paint the town red.

The red-heads have surely done some bad things in the house.

That is an unstoppable fun!

Jessie, how did you get here?

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