The Dog Was Constantly Returned to the Kennel Because of its Crooked Muzzle, Where They Wanted to Euthanize It

Beauty gives lots of opportunities, but any deviation from it may turn into a terrible nightmare. Because of such laws, baby Cleo almost lost its most valuable thing – its life.

The dog Cleo has an external imperfection – its mouth is slightly curved. One family tried to give her a house, but soon changed their mind. Many people through whose hands the pet passed, believed that the wrong bite did not allow it to live fully. Because of this the staff of the nursery where the dog was returned decided to euthanize it.

It would have happened if Meagan hadn’t intervened. A caring woman has her own shelter, in which she gives a chance to every pet which was abandoned. The woman did not regret her decision.

She found out that Cleo is a restless girl which is interested in everything in the world. The external feature does not affect the quality of its life in the least. It could reveal herself as the most loyal and reliable friend in caring hands.

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