After being rescued from burning, the catty is still getting treatment and in the same time he is looking after other animals

The friendly catty, who is in need, takes care about other animals

The previous year a cute catty named Russel was saved from the fire and brought to the vet clinic, where he got the appropriate treatment. But unfortunately the injuries were strong and serious, so he is still getting the treatment and needs a lot of attention. But the illness doesn’t disturb him and he pays attention to other animals in the clinic and takes care about them.

He supports the vets of the clinic by visiting all the unhealthy animals and looks after them without paying attention his bad health and the difficulties connected to his movement. He doesn’t get tired and even doesn’t have a rest until the workers remind him about it.

According to his health condition, he needs to stay there until the end of his life, so making a friendship with other animals is the best decision that can help him overcome his illness.

He only wants to communicate and befriend with other patients.

The workers of the clinic told the reporters that the catty is very friendly and caring and it seems that he has some special abilities to communicate with the animals pleasantly.

Unluckily the poor creature has to spend all his life in the clinic. Due to the great effort of the caring vets he gets the excellent treatment there.

He can feel the other patients’ emotions and feelings.

He doesn’t like loneliness and being with other animals is a great pleasure for him.

He likes to spend his time with others and make a real friendship with them.

And others like him a lot, too and want to meet him frequently. The stuff also likes him and they are glad to have him in their clinic.

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